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About Our Practitioners

Cristian Enescu

 Cristian Enescu M.D.

Doctor Cristian Enescu received his pre-med and medical education in Bucharest Romania, where he also completed a residency in Family Practice. He completed his neurology training at St. Vincents Hospital and Medical Center in New York City and opened his private practices in New York  and New Jersey.  He is adding to the traditional neurology  the latest advancements in neuroscience and brain function optimization. After years of research, he developed the unique, "SYNAPSE PROGRAM" which is successfully implemented in his offices.

 Dr Enescu's friendly, compassionate, communicative personality driven by a genuine desire to help, allowed him to develop strong connections with his patients seeking to have an improvement in their brain function.

Contact us to learn more about our integrative approach for brain rebalancing and treatment of various conditions.