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Rebalance, Restore, Reclaim your brilliance


Our office is proud to offer a complex, unique perspective and the highest level of care in addressing the needs of anyone who simply wants to enhance the brain function or recover from various neurological conditions. The diagnostic modalities and the protocols used in our office were designed and clinically tested for many years. It is the combination of standard neurological care with an additional integrative approach of the conditions treated that rendered the program unique. In our opinion, healing is undoing of all imbalances at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by addressing all errors at the level at which they were created. Behind this approach stands a profound compassion and concern for the patients' well being as we continuously research and implement in our office the latest advances in Neuroscience, Brain optimization protocols and Mind development research. We believe that the brain is the ultimate frontier and reaching it is our goal.

About us

Our office is offering a high level of care for the whole person and emphasizing the patient's active role in prevention. Our office has proudly created a team of experienced, compassionate and dedicated practitioners, who are focused on patients' rebalancing at all levels. 


Include standard neurological evaluation and therapy based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience with addition of special programs for brain function optimization. We specialize in brain recovery for a variety of conditions.

Your appointment

All patients prior to the appointment will fill out an intake form. During the appointment, the specific condition to be addressed will be discussed in detail.  If indicated, a brain mapping (QEEG), combined with auditory and visual event related potentials (ERP) will be performed in the same day after the appointment. Follow up appointments will be scheduled after 2 weeks and will last aprox 30 min. During this appointment the results of the tests and further recommendations will also be discussed.